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Self-adhesive pins

Self-adhesive pins

Self-adhesive pins are used to mount thermal insulation materials on smooth surfaces, such as air ducts. This type of the fastener guarantees a fast and high-quality installation, which prevents corrosion. High quality of double-sided adhesive tape and fixing plate ensure highly reliable assembly. The range includes studs of various lengths. The studs are made of galvanized steel. A double-sided adhesive tape is glued to the bottom side of the base plate. Fixing plates are supplied complete with the studs.

Installation instructions:

  1. Install at an ambient temperature higher than 10 °C (preferably 15 to 20).
  2. The surface must be clean and dry, free from dust, grease and other foreign particles.
  3. Remove the protective layer from the adhesive tape, taking care not to touch the adhesive surface.
  4. Place the stud in the desired position and press it against the surface.
  5. The thermal insulation material can be attached and fixed by the plates immediately, but the maximum secure attachment is achieved after 24 hours.
Size, mm Pack, pcs.
19 (seat 50x50) 100
25 (seat 50x50) 100
32 (seat 50x50) 100
42 (seat 50x50) 100
51 (seat 50x50) 100
63 (seat 50x50) 100
89 (seat 50x50) 100
114 (seat 50x50) 100